About Us

Galileo Wheel has been tilling the path for a new tire since 2011 and cooperating with leading tire producers, farmers, and original equipment (OE) manufacturers to learn about the biggest needs in the agriculture and construction industries. Galileo Wheel, founded in Israel by Avishay Novoplanski and Alon Hayka, is reinventing the industry and bringing you a Hybrid  tire that’s up to par with today’s high and demanding agricultural needs. 


In a country that is mostly covered by desert, lacking fresh water sources and not naturally conducive to agriculture, Israel has still managed to become a world-leading agri-tech hub and become a major exporter of fresh produce.


Galileo Wheel invented, patented and brought to market the CupWheel. The revolutionary technology and tire which is quickly becoming the new standard for efficient and sustainable off-road mobility.


Galileo places an emphasis on delivering excellent customer service – as well as excellent tires – which is why the company works with partnering factories and suppliers around the globe, to ensure great logistics for customers worldwide.

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