The Benefits of our Tires

Soil Protection

A good field starts with good soil. While perfecting the CupWheel and talking to industry leaders we quickly realized th...
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Smoother Ride

In a world of self-driving cars and automation, where the driver's comfort is of top priority, why are our drivers still...
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When designing the Galileo CupWheel we wanted to combine the versatility of both radial tires and tracks and by doing th...
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The newest Galileo CupWheel airless technology presents the completely air-free tire that keeps on rolling all season lo...
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Patented Design of the CupWheel is made to make the wheel do the work by combining the traction and flotation advantages...
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Mass Production

Our CupWheel technology fits into any existing tire production line and requires minimal investment into line modificati...
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The CupWheel has a unique self-cleaning mechanism that minimizes dirt and soil residue while providing a better grip. Yo...
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